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Welcome to the Bauwerk Group purchasing site

Our ambition at Bauwerk Group is not only to maintain our position as an innovative leader in the field of natural, sustainable wood flooring, but also to continue to expand it.Our purchasing activities include everything we need to develop and manufacture wooden flooring. For this reason, our supply partners play a central role in our joint business success and the satisfaction of our internal and external customers.

In the face of increasing competition on national and international markets, our main concern in purchasing is to make the best possible contribution to achieving our corporate goals in terms of quality, costs and delivery reliability.

Therefore, we need motivated and reliable partnerships that support us in this.When it comes to our suppliers, we place particular value on stability, performance, a solid economic basis and the careful use of our natural resources.

Application as a supplier

You would like to become a supplier partner of the Bauwerk Group and offer your products and services. All suppliers who are listed with us go through an application process. After a successful registration and application, which among other things provides information about your company, the product portfolio offered and the certifications, we start an evaluation process.


After clicking the orange button “register now” below to apply as a supplier, you will be redirected to our supplier portal, where you can register your company directly via the menu item “New supplier self-registration” (top right) on the portal homepage.


Once registration is complete and we have given our internal approval, you will receive a user name and password by e-mail. Via the login in the supplier portal, you can manage your company data at any time, participate in tenders to which you have been invited or upload corresponding documents.

Terms and Conditions of Purchase

Range of requirements

You find the list of our procurement focus here.

Code of Conduct for suppliers

Bauwerk Group is one of the worlds leading high end parquet manufacturers. Ethical, social and environmental responsibility is an integral part of our long-term business strategy.

We expect from all our suppliers and sub-suppliers to abide by all applicable national and international laws and regulations as well as by the requirements of our Code of Conduct.

We will stick to legal and group-wide rules at any times. A corresponding risk assessment will be part of our Supplier Relationship Management and auditing system. In case of doubts or concerns with existing or potential suppliers we will demand immediate mitigation to those rules or terminate the relation.

Confirmation, monitoring and tracking

We encourage all stakeholders to report and express their concerns related to our activities and/or suspected violations of our policies, including this Statement.

The supplier agrees to this Code without amendment or abrogation, and it is the supplier’s responsibility to ensure that this Code is implemented. The supplier is responsible for informing his employees, and sub-suppliers about the requirements of this Code and shall report any suspected violation of this Code and/or applicable law.

The supplier provides sufficient evidence for full compliance with the above requirements. Furthermore, Bauwerk Group reserves the right to monitor existing and new suppliers for compliance with this Code of Conduct. Monitoring may be unannounced and may be performed by an independent third party. Bauwerk Group will inform the supplier of the results of the monitoring.

Should the supplier not comply with the terms of this Code and does not provide sufficient reasons for non-compliance to Bauwerk Group without delay, or takes no corrective measures within the agreed period, Bauwerk Group reserves the right to terminate the business relationship with the supplier immediately without liability or obligation.

Please find the corresponding sites here:

Sustainability Management

At Bauwerk Group we are committed to do our contribution to guarantee the right of future generations to an intact planet. Our product is uniquely suited to support that effort: Wood is a natural and infinite resource – if managed sustainably.

Climate change is the biggest challenge of our time and increasingly apparent for us on our supply side. In view of our dependence on wood as a raw material, we are directly faced with the consequences of climate change on wood availability and quality. In general, climate change has an impact on cultivated species and on individual forests/trees in terms of growth. Furthermore, it impacts bug and beetle infestation and extreme weather events (storm wood).

Our impact on climate change is also determined by our wood sourcing decisions as well as our direct and indirect greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions.

Further details are published in our yearly sustainability report

Bauwerk Group Procurement Principles

  • We run a group procurement strategy with local purchase responsibility and tasks
  • We are tough but fair negotiating partners
  • We expect the highest level of commitment in terms of costs, quality, lead times and technology
  • We are constantly looking for better performing suppliers through procurement market research
  • We obtain additional offers for all purchases to get the optimal benchmark and result
  • We bundle our purchase volume on selected suppliers
  • We measure our suppliers on fulfilment of quality, cost and delivery targets
  • We act with a sense of ecological responsibility and are committed to our social responsibility
  • We adhere strictly to the “Anti-Bribery and corruption” guidelines
  • We want our suppliers to invest and pay attention to sustainability, environmental protection and ethical principles
  • We concentrate on close, reliable, cost efficient and future oriented cooperation with suppliers
  • We want to be the best customer and most valued partner of our suppliers
  • We are loyal customers and strive for fair and long-term partnerships
  • We demand and encourage creativity and initiative from our suppliers
  • We believe in trust, fairness, open communication and information