• 2020 - Bauwerk Group

    The name of the Group is changed to Bauwerk Group

  • 2019 - Bauwerk Boen Group

    Ernst Göhner Beteiligungen AG expands majority to 98%.

  • 2018 - Bauwerk Boen Group

    Ernst Göhner Beteiligungen AG takes over the shares of Zurmont Madison (Patrimonium P.E.).

  • 2016 - Bauwerk Boen Group

    Acquisition of the production site in Đurđevac/Croatia.

  • 2014 - Bauwerk Boen Group

    Concentration on the two production sites in St.Margrethen (2-layer premium products) and Kietaviškės (3-layer and 2-layer volume products).

  • 2013 - Bauwerk Boen Group

    Merger of Bauwerk Parkett AG and Boen AS under the new name Bauwerk Boen Group with separate continuation of the two brands.

  • 2009 - Bauwerk Parkett

    Zurmont Madison and Ernst Göhner Stiftung become the new owners of Bauwerk Parkett AG

  • 2003 - Boen

    Common market appearance of Höhns and Boen Parkett under one Brand called BOEN

  • 2000 - Bauwerk Parkett

    Integration of Bauwerk Parkett in „Nybron Flooring International“ (NFI) consisting of the parquet producers Kährs, Marty and Bauwerk Parkett

  • 1998 - Boen

    Boen acquires the saw mill UAB Dominga Mill from the Lithuanian Libra-Group

  • 1997 - Boen

    Johan G.Olsen purchases the remaining 20% shares of Höhns

  • 1984 - Bauwerk Parkett

    For the first time, Bauwerk produces 1 Mio.m2 parquet in one year

  • 1976 - Boen

    Boen starts exporting the production concept and the owner Johan G. Olsen buys 80% of the German company Th.Höhns KG GmbH

  • 1966 - Boen

    First production of 3-layer-parquet in Tveit

  • 1963 - Bauwerk Parkett

    Move into the actual production site at Neudorfstrasse, St.Margrethen

  • 1950 - Boen and Bauwerk Parkett

    BOEN produces mosaic parquet flooring on Bauwerk machines, who had over 30 licence holders and machine customers on five continents between 1947 and 1960.

  • 1946 - Bauwerk Parkett

    Production start in St.Margrethen / Switzerland

  • 1939 - Boen

    Johan G.Olsen buys the saw mill in Kristiansand and starts with the production of massive parquet

  • 1935 - Bauwerk Parkett

    The entrepreneur Ernst Göhner from Zurich sets the foundation of today‘s Bauwerk Parkett AG with a patent for a „covering for floors and walls made of assembled wooden pieces“

  • 1641 - Boen

    Two saw mills at the Boen waterfall on the Topdals river in the south of Norway were the begin of the history of BOEN. In the beginning of the 18th century there were sawn approx. 12’000 planks per year.